Our History

Bandon is a town with a long tradition of dance bands, brass bands & showbands such as the Allin Institute Band, British Legion Brass Band, CB Band, Joe Shannon Band, The Ritz and the Southern Comfort Band.

Fast forward to 2001, musicians from these bands along with their offspring decided to create a brass and reed band in Bandon town.

In January of that year, Mr. Michael McCarthy retired from Turners Cross Motors in Cork City and was presented with a VW Polo car as a generous gift to Bandon to acknowledge the customer base in the Bandon Area and this car was to enable a Youth & Community project to begin in the town.

On the 24th of April, Recognition of the Group of Trustees of the Bandon and District Brass & Reed Concert band was formally minuted at a meeting in the Munster Arms Hotel.
The Trustees were: Michael McCarthy, Tadgh McCarthy, Anthony Cohalan, Edward Williamson, Dan O' Donovan, Des Prendergast and Jerry Larkin.

In May fundraising began, the VW Polo was raffled, tickets were sold at 5pounds each and the sum of 25,000 pounds (€31,743) was raised.

A Band in Kilrush Co. Clare was disbanding and this created an opportunity for Bandon to purchase all the instruments in November.

Recruitment began in February of 2002

Tadgh McCarthy (Alto Saxaphone player & Trustee) who played with the Butter Exchange Band in Cork, encouraged Mr Herbie Hendricks to take up the position of Conductor with the Bandon and District Brass & Reed Band in March.

In 2004 the Late May O Donovan of Connolly St, Bandon left €15,000 in her will for the Bandon & District Brass and Reed Band. At her request, the Band used this money for tuition.

On 10th May 2007, Bandon and District Brass & Reed Band Ltd was formed.

In the following years membership grew steadily after an advertisement in the Southern Star newspaper.

The Trustees of the Band, who are all previous musicians, formed “The Old Town Hall Band” to aid fundraising for the Bandon & District Brass & Reed Band in 2009.

It was in this year that the Band played it's first Annual Fundraising concert in the Munster Arms Hotel.

The Band was awarded an Arts Council Grant of €500 in 2010 which was used for the purchase of uniforms and design of the band crest.

In July, the Band took part in the Junior Section of the South of Ireland Championships competition under conductor Mr H Hendricks.

Mr Hendricks steps down as conductor and Mr Robert O Connor takes on the role. Both are members of the Butter Exchange Band who are a constant help to our band.

By 2012 membership had grown to 18 and the band took part in the Junior Section of the South of Ireland Championships competition under conductor Mr R O Connor and we were awarded 4th place.

In the next couple of years regular concerts and street performances were part of the Bands programme of events. (Farmers Market in Bandon, Credit Union Anniversary, Christmas Markets). The band also played alongside the Butter Exchange Band in a Gala Concert in the Church of the Annunciation, Blackpool , Cork City for the flooding relief fund in the city in 2013.

On 10th February 2014, the Band was awarded a Cork County Council grant of €800 which was used for the purchase of an extra snare drum, some clarinets and music stands. Membership had also grown to 35.

In the same year, Mr R O Connor stepped down as conductor but continued to play Euphonium with the Band. Mr. Leo Guedan (Flute & Sax player with the band) took on the role of conductor.

By 2015, membership stood at 39!

On 18th May, the Band played at the funeral of our President and Founder Member Mr Edward Williamson.

In the next few months the Band played at Cork University Hospital for World Music Day, at the Walled Town Festival in Bandon and the Engage Arts Festival.

In September 2015, the Band was officially re-named “The Bandon Concert Band Glc”.


Bandon Concert Band ventures further afield to perform in different locations such as Cobh, Bantry, Skibbereen, Ahiohill, Innishannon, and Kinsale. 

Our profile is well established in print and social media. 


A big year for the Band as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a gala concert. 

We played a total of 15 performances throughout the year. 

At Culture Night, we showcased our new Bass Clarinet which was grant- aided by Music Network.