Charitable Status

Bandon and District Brass and Reed Band CLG, now trading as Bandon Concert Band.

CRN (Company Registered Number): 439451

CGC (Charities Governance Code): 20081232

CHY Number: 2064

Director and Company Secretary: Kerri Hollywell

Directors (Trustees):

Michael McCarthy

Jerry Larkin

Eoin McSweeney

Kerri Hollywell

Barry Connolly

Anne Collins

Michael Holley

Leo Guedan

Martina Lyne

Committe 2023:

Chairperson: Michael Holley

Treasurer: Anne Collins

Assistant Treasurer: Veronica Holley

Secretary/ Public Relations: Martina Lyne

Music Librarian: Barry Connolly

Administration email:

New members contact email: